Custom Retail Casework

Custom Retail Casework

Showcases are ideal for jewelry, apparel, sunglasses, accessories and more. Our Custom Retail Casework allows you to feature your products in a display that draws attention.

The goal of any type of Custom Retail Casework is to make the products the star of the show. However, getting the customer to see the display and draw them in for a shopping experience requires a design that can overcome other distractions. Our cases are designed to make the products easily accessible by retail staff, while keeping it secure. There are many options available, including, a variety of lighting, materials, colors and finishes.

Retail showcases often utilize high quality, durable glass along with a variety of complimentary material options. Product showcases can be fit with custom lighting to create a unique retail experience. LED lighting brings a wide array of design options into the retail display.

Utilizing our design and fabrication capabilities, we can create a unique shape and style that is right for your customers.

At DRAS Cases, we have decades of experience creating Custom Retail Casework for retail store fixtures. We have the design expertise, fabrication capability and installation team ready to make your retail environment appeal to your customers. Contact DRAS Cases for a low pressure consultation to see what we can do for you.