DRAS Cases Invests In New Hot Edge Banding System

As part of their “Commitment To Excellence”, DRAS Cases recently purchased a new BIESSE AirForce System. This Hot Edge Banding System is state-of-the-art and can edgeband a panel on four sides with a bonded edge, without using glue.

According to DRAS Cases President, Tim Krebsbach, “The biggest problem with conventional edgeband is the visible glue joint, which collects dirt, and since it is open, allows the glue underneath to reactivate and loosen. Hot air edgebanding avoids that. Hot air edgeband withstands exposure to heat, steam and moisture better than conventional edgeband”.

It uses a simple principle of compressed hot air (400-500° C) to perform the melting of the functional layer.

This “zero-glue-line” is achieved utilizing a unique edgebanding tape produced with a co-extrusion of different polymers. A special Polypropylene edge is fused to the substrate during the edgebanding process so that the edge is applied to the panel by bonding of the polymer into the panel fibers.

The simplicity of the AirForce Hot Edge Banding System means that the cost is far lower than Laser systems. The operating and maintenance costs are make this system a dream for operators.

The quality of the panels processed with an AirForce Hot Edge Banding System is outstanding. With its resistance to water, humidity and peel, this new system allows DRAS Cases to produce a better product, with lower costs. Truly, a “Commitment To Excellence”.

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